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OUR HOME IS BURNING Let's Save The Planet 

Official partner of the European Union's program Sustainable Energy Europe



Created in 2007 initially as a live environmental audiovisual show, Our Home is Burning is now used as a tool to gather leaders around the idea that we need to save the Planet as soon as possible.


Our Home is Burning is Official partner of the European Union program Sustainable Energy Europe.                                                       


It was created with a large number of partners, including Greenpeace, Oxfam, Save Our World, Global Vision International, Water Aid, Care International, le Geres - CO2 Solidaire, the award winning movie "A crude Awakening: the oil crash", the film "The Story of Stuff", viewed by 6 million people - and more audiovisual artists and environmental speakers.



In the western world, climate change seems to be considered as a threat that only may become dangerous within 50 years or so - if things turn really bad.

In many other parts of the world though, millions of people are already deeply affected by this issue.

We know it, but we just keep doing business as usual, not understanding that our economic reality is at stake too.


The situation is urgent.

Statistics and scientific studies published in magazines like The New Scientist leave no doubt whatsoever. One can only be utterly surprised by the urgency of the situation and the lack of consciousness about this issue.


There’s no more time to waste.