Our Home is Burning

22 Montpelier Grove

London NW5-2XD



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OUR HOME IS BURNING Let's Save The Planet 

Official partner of the European Union's program Sustainable Energy Europe



Our Home is Burning has created an audiovisual show to convey the message that we need to save the planet urgently.


It combines video content improvised live (VJing) with original music created by the author, Matsai.


The idea is to create a vortex, somewhere between a cinematic experience and a concert, allowing people to feel empowered about what they can do, as individual leaders, to contribute to enlarge the sphere of influence to save the planet.



This innovative concept results in an inspiring and sensually engaging voyage, appealing to fans of: music, video art (VJing), digital arts, and the environment.


Our Home is Burning has a reputation to captivate audiences and leave them more inspired.



Our Home is Burning is improvised at every event: the video content and the music are adapted live to the atmosphere of the room, adapting the notion of live improvisation, coming from Jazz, to video art:


When you watch a film or a DVD, you see the same thing every time you press play;

with Our Home is Burning, the visual content is different every time.